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1200778 - How to synchronize the height of two fields together in Crystal Reports


In Crystal Reports there is no option to synchronize the height of two database fields. A formula could be used as a workaround.
How to synchronize the height of two fields together in Crystal Reports?




1) Create the following formula
Shared numbervar i;
Shared numbervar n:=1;
Shared numbervar n:=Length (totext({field_to_be_synchronized_with})) + 20;
Shared stringvar Array text_size;
redim text_size[n];

For i := 1 To n Do

(Text_size [i]:= "_";
i:= i+1;
2) Insert the targetted field to be synchronized with into the report.
3) Create a new Text Object and insert the field which should synchronize to the target field
4) Insert the @Size formula on the second line within the Text Object
5) Change the width of the Text Object to adjust the height (The 20 in the @Size formula can be replaced with another number to increase or descrease the height of the field.) 
6) Hightlight only the @Size formula in the Text Object in Design View in Crystal Reports and set the font color to white.


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SAP Crystal Reports XI ; SAP Crystal Reports XI R2