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1211007 - How to add a watermark or pre-printed form to a report in Crystal Reports?


  • How to add watermark to a report?
  • How to show a pre-printed form on a report?
  • How to design a report with a watermark or a pre-printed form to underlies the data in Crystal Reports?


  • SAP Crystal Reports 2013
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2016
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2020 


  • Add a picture of the watermark or pre-printer form on the Page Header of the report, and check the section formatting option: 'Underlay following section':
    1. In Crystal Reports, open the report on which you want to add a watermark or pre-printed form.
    2. Create an additional Page Header section:
      1. 2.1  Under the menu "Report", select "Section Expert"
      2. 2.2  In "Section Expert", select the Page Header section, and click "Insert"
               This inserts a second Page Header. You will now have "Page Header - a" and "Page Header - b" section.
    3. Check the option "Underlay Following Sections"
      1. 3.1  Still in the "Section Expert" window, select the section "Page Header - b"
      2. 3.2  On the right side, under the tab "Common", check the option "Underlay Following Sections"
      3. 3.3  Click "OK"
    4. In the "Design" view of the report, resize the "Page Header - b" section, so it is little bit smaller than the height of the page.
    5. Insert the image (a .BMP file) of the pre-printed form or logo of the watermark into the "Page Header - b" section.
    6. When refreshing the report, the image in Page Header now appears beneath all the sections that come after it, up to the Page Footer.
    • The Page Headers and Page Footers cannot exceed the vertical size of the report.
    • For pre-printed form that takes the whole page, you may want to suppress the Page Footer of the report because the Page Header cannot underlay the Page Footer.
    • If you have Lines and boxes on the report, it will not show up because those objects do bot support overlaying other objects.
      For reference and potential workaround, see the SAP Knowledge Base Article:  2055716
    • Sample report: Watermark.rpt is available in the Attachments section below.


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SAP Crystal Reports 2013 ; SAP Crystal Reports 2016 ; SAP Crystal Reports 2020