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1213895 - How to pass values to parameters in main and subreport using RDC/ASP application


How do I pass values to parameters in the main and subreport using a Report Designer Component (RDC) Active Server Pages (ASP) application?


NOTE: Subreport-linking parameters do not need to be set if you are using Crystal Report 8.x.

In Crystal Reports 8.x RDC ASP applications, main report parameters must be set on the main report, and subreport parameters must be set on the subreport.

To pass values to parameters in the main and subreport, using the following sample code:


set ReportDatabase = Session("oRpt").Database

'Set the Table object and logon (1 table only)

set crdatabasetables = ReportDatabase.Tables

set crtable = crdatabasetables.Item(1)

crtable.SetLogonInfo "ODBCDSNname", "", cstr(userid), cstr(password)

'Create subreport database object, get table(s), login

set CRSubreports = session("oRpt").OpenSubReport("testsub.rpt")

set ReportDatabase2 = CRSubreports.Database

Set crdatabasetables2 = ReportDatabase2.tables

Set CRtable2 = crdatabasetables2.Item(1)

crtable2.SetLogonInfo "ODBCDSNname", "", cstr(userid), cstr(password)

'Get handles to two parameters in main report

set Session("ParamCollection") = Session("oRpt").Parameterfields

Set ThisParam1 = Session("ParamCollection").item(1)

Set ThisParam2 = Session("ParamCollection").item(2)

'Set values for the parameters

ThisParam1.SetCurrentValue cstr("paramvalue1"),12

ThisParam2.SetCurrentValue cstr("paramvalue2"),12

'Get handles to two parameters in SUB report

set Session("SubRptParamCollection") = CRSubreports.Parameterfields

Set ThisParam1 = Session("SubRptParamCollection").item(1)

Set ThisParam2 = Session("SubRptParamCollection").item(2)

'Set values for the parameters that were previously set in the main report.

ThisParam1.SetCurrentValue cstr("paramvalue4"),12

ThisParam2.SetCurrentValue cstr("paramvalue3"),12

See Also

For RDC ASP sample applications, please refer to the Downloads area of our web site. 

RDC ASP sample applications:

  • aspxmps8.exe (version 8)
  • aspxmps85.exe (version 8.5)
  • aspxmps9.exe (version 9)
  • aspxmps10.exe (version 10)


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