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1214244 - How to Create a Data Source Name (DSN)


In Crystal Reports (CR), connecting to a database using an ODBC connection requires a Data Source Name (DSN).


NOTE: This note is provided as a tip. SAP BusinessObjects is not responsible for creating an ODBC DSN connection to your database.

For ODBC DSN configuration details that are specific to your database, consult with your Database Administrator or refer to the database documentation.

Complete the steps below to create a DSN in the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

NOTE: The ODBC Data Source Administrator is a tool that adds, removes, and configures ODBC data sources and drivers. The ODBC Data Source Administrator is a tool that is installed with the Microsoft Windows operating system. For example, the ODBC Data Source Administrator on a computer using a Windows 2000 operating system can be found at the following location by clicking:

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC)


Steps to Create a DSN

The steps to create a DSN vary depending on the data source type. This article provides a general guideline.

  1. Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator.
  2. Click one of the tabs labeled User DSN, System DSN, or File DSN
  3. Click Add.
  4. Click one of the ODBC drivers for which you want to configure a DSN. For example: Click CR Oracle8 v 3.6 to create a DSN for an Oracle database. (Verify the correct ODBC driver with your Database Administrator (DBA).)
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Enter the 'Data Source Name' (required, user-specified) and the 'Description' (optional) in the ODBC Driver Setup dialog box.
  7. Enter the data source information appropriate to your system as prompted by the following dialog boxes.
  8. Click OK.

 To verify the correct data source information, consult with your DBA.

Upon completing these steps, you have successfully created a DSN. To verify that the DSN exists, find the 'Data Source Name' that you have just created listed in one of the tabs labeled 'User DSN', 'System DSN' or 'File DSN'.

The DSN can now be selected from the ODBC folder of Data Explorer in Crystal Reports.

NOTE: The ODBC Data Source Administrator can be launched from Data Explorer in CR by selecting the ODBC folder and clicking "Create New Data Source".

See Also

What is a User, System or File DSN?

  • A User DSN is available only to the user that creates the DSN as per their login information.
  • A System DSN is available to anyone that logs in to the computer where the DSN has been created.
  • A File DSN is a text file that can be sent to several different systems and can be shared by several users.

For more information related to this topic, please refer to the technical document Advantages and Disadvantages of Native, ODBC and OLE DB Connections.


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