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1214739 - Err Msg: "Error 1904. Module..." when applying CR 8.5 Update for CE 8.5


When installing the Crystal Reports Update for Crystal Enterprise 8.5 on a computer running the Windows 95 B operating system, the install fails when trying to register certain DLLs. For example, one or more errors similar to the following may appear in the 'Installer Information' dialog box:

"Error 1904. Module C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\CRiadx08.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147024889. Contact your support personnel."

The install is unable to complete successfully regardless of which button in the dialog is clicked: 'Abort', 'Retry', or 'Ignore'.

What is causing this?



The Crystal Reports Update for Crystal Enterprise (CE) 8.5 is an update that enables Crystal Reports 8.5 clients to be integrated with CE You must install this update in order to use Crystal Reports 8.5 to open and save reports on a CE 8.5 Crystal APS. The integration also enables the ability to preview the new Saved Data Indexes feature.



This is a known issue with the Crystal Reports 8.5 Update for CE 8.5 and has been tracked. The Track ID is: ADAPT00084313.

This is by design. CE version is not supported on any version of the Windows 95 operating system. Therefore, any Crystal Reports 8.5 client running Windows 95 that will be integrated with CE 8.5 must upgrade to a supported operating system as indicated in the CE 8.5 Platforms.txt.

The Platforms.txt is included in the root directory of the CE 8.5 CD, or you can review Note 1214694, which is updated to indicate any changes in the supported platforms after the CE 8.5 product was released.


NOTE: The Crystal Reports Update for CE 8.5 is designed specifically for Crystal Reports 8.5 clients integrated in a CE 8.5 environment. Do NOT attempt to install this update on any systems running any other versions of Crystal Reports or Crystal Enterprise. Doing so will force you to uninstall both Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise to correct the situation.

Prior to applying the update, be certain to review the Release Notes for the Crystal Reports Update for Crystal Enterprise 8.5, Crystal_Reports_Updates.rtf, located in the \Doc directory of the CE 8.5 CD.



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