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1215144 - How to manually install the Crystal Reports 9 RDC component for ASP reporting


Crystal Reports 9 has been installed on a computer using a custom installation. However, when using the Report Designer Component (RDC) to launch any ASP page through the web, an empty browser appears.

Why is there no viewer in the browser and why does the page appear completely blank?


When selecting a custom install for the Crystal Reports (CR) 9 Report Designer Components (RDC), some files need to be manually installed and registered before reports will display correctly in the browser.


The procedure for manually installing the CR 9 RDC component for ASP reporting can be found below.


Before beginning the manual installation of the CR9 ASP/RDC components, first verify that the following files exist (and if required, are registered) on the computer you are installing Crystal Reports 9 on (the following files should be "windows/system32" folder):


  • atl.dll - This version 3 file should be registered (use the ANSI version for 9x computers, and the unicode version for NT/2000 computers).
  • msvcp60.dll - (version 6 or later)
  • comctl32.dll - (version 5.7 or later)
  • comdlg32.dll - (version 5 or later)
  • mfc42.dll - (version 6 or later)
  • msvcrt.dll - (version 6 or later)
  • msvcirt.dll - (version 6 or later)


Running a custom installation



To run a custom install, run the Setup.exe file on the Crystal Reports CD. After entering your registration information, select the option for custom installation.


You can use the following as a guide for the necessary components that need to be installed.


Crystal Report Programs - Set to feature will be installed when required.


Data Access - Set the drivers you require for your data sources. If you are using ODBC connections the ODBC Drivers option must be installed.


Export Support - Select the export drivers you wish to install. Exporting drivers must be installed if you wish to export from the viewer or from an application.


It is recommended to install the Disk File Destination option. Without this option you can not export your reports to disk. The export format you wish to install is a personal choice, however, the Crystal Report viewers export options require the following export formats: Word, PDF, Excel, and Crystal Report.


Custom Charting - Install this feature if you wish to distribute reports with charts. If your reports do not contain charts this feature is not required.


Geographic Mapping - Install this feature if you wish to distribute reports with maps. If your reports do not contain maps this feature is not required.


Developer Components - The Report Designer Component MUST be installed on the server for your application to run. You can choose to install the RDC for ASP only or you can install the RDC for ASP as well as VB.


For web access, the ASP components must be installed (the Crystal Report Web Viewers are installed with the ASP components).


Sample Reports - This optional feature can be installed if you wish to access the sample reports.


After completing the custom install, complete the following steps:

1.  Run cr9deploy.reg in the "c:\program files\common files\crystal decisions\2.0\bin" folder.

2.  In the same bin folder, verify the following files exist and if required, are registered:

Keycode.dll (register this file)

Crqe.dll (register this file)


Unicows.dll (only for Win9x support)

3.  Manually register 'Craxdrt9.dll' in the 'Program Files\Crystal Decisions\Report Designer Component' folder.

4.  All of the ASP/RDC components should now be installed. Verify that the 'Viewer9' virtual directory has been created under the IIS default website.


If you are running on a site other then the default website you must re-create the 'Viewer9' virtual directory for that site. The path to the Viewer9 directory should be 'Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\2.0\crystalreportviewers'. Only read permissions are required for this directory.


You should now be able to launch an ASP/RDC application for Crystal Reports 9.


See Also

To download ASP Samples for Crystal Reports 9.0 (Developer Edition only), please visit the Downloads page on our web site.


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