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1215256 - Error: "Failed to export the report" when exporting to PDF, RTF, DOC, or XLS formats


  • Crystal Reports (CR) 9
  • Exporting to any of the following formats: Portable Document Format (PDF), Rich Text Format (RTF), Word Exact Format (DOC), Excel (XLS).
  • The following error message appears: "Failed to export the report".


The error message appears when exporting to PDF, RTF, DOC or XLS because the dependency files, Exportmodeller.dll and Crtslv.dll are not registered.

To export successfully, Exportmodeller.dll and Crtslv.dll must be present in the correct directories on the computer and must be registered. The Crystal DLLs that use Exportmodeller.dll and Crtslv.dll for each format type are:

  • Crxf_pdf.dll - Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Crxf_rtf.dll - Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Crxf_wordw.dll - Word Exact Format (DOC)
  • Crxf_xls.dll - Excel (XLS)



In CR8.5, exporting to Excel will not be affected if the U2fxls.dll is loaded as it is not dependent upon ExportModeller.dll and Crtslv.dll. If Crxf_xls.dll is loaded instead, the same problem exists.




In CR 9, the default location of Crxf_pdf.dll, Crxf_rtf.dll, Crxf_wordw.dll, Crxf_xls.dll, ExportModeller.dll and Crtslv.dll is:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\2.0\Bin

In CR 8.5, the default location of Crxf_pdf.dll, Crxf_rtf.dll and Crxf_wordw.dll is:


The default location of ExportModeller.dll and Crtslv.dll is:

C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Shared


See Also

For information on registering Exportmodeller.dll and Crtslv.dll, please refer to Note 1212790.

If the error message only appears when exporting a report with an on-demand subreport, please refer to Note 1213914.

If you have applied the Database and Export Driver hot fix since May 16, 2002, please refer to Note 1214792.


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