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1218406 - What are the differences between prompts and parameters in Crystal Reports XI?


What are the differences between prompts and parameters in Crystal Reports XI?


Parameters are Crystal Reports fields that you can use in a Crystal Reports formula. As a formula component, a parameter must have a value before the program can process the report. By using parameters in formulas, selection formulas, and in the report itself, you can create a single report that changes its behavior depending on the values entered by your users. Parameter fields can also be used in subreports.

Prompts are elements that help users set a value for report parameters.

Prompts are different from parameters in several ways:

  • Prompts are not used directly by a Crystal Reports formula.
  • Prompts include user-interface settings that help you determine the appearance of the prompting dialog box that your users see.
  • Prompts include an optional list of values that your users can choose from.

This list of values can be a static list that is stored in each report, or a dynamic list that is retrieved from a database (this type of prompt includes multi-level cascading lists that are also retrieved from a database). When you select values in the prompting dialog box, you are setting values for prompts. The Crystal Reports prompting engine then assigns that value to the corresponding parameter, which is used by the report. When you create and edit a parameter field, you work with one parameter and one or more prompts.

See Also

For more information on Dynamic and Cascading Prompts or lists of values, refer to the Crystal Reports XI Online Help by pressing the 'F1' key.


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