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1220417 - Extra pages inserted after exporting with Java Reporting Component


Exporting a report with the Java Reporting Component (JRC) may have extra (sometimes blank) pages in the exported file. This issue can occur with any export format, and can occur in the end or in the middle of the document.

In the original design of the JRC, all objects are allowed to push beyond the horizontal page limit. In the Windows Crystal Reports Print Engine, only Cross Tab objects behave in this manner. When objects extend beyond the one-page limit, the JRC would display two pages. This behavior causes extra pages to be created in the exported file. The extra pages contain the tail end of objects in the report. If these parts of the objects were empty then the page would be blank.


The issue has been identified and tracked under ID ADAPT00393462. It affects BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 2.


Hot Fixes or Service Packs address this issue as indicated below. With the update(s), the JRC was changed to behave like the Windows Print Engine. The quantity of pages of an exported document will generally be the same whether exported from the Crystal Reports designer or from the Java Reporting Component.

Unless indicated otherwise, Critical Hot Fix updates from the FTP site have only been tested with English versions of our products.



Hot Fixes and Service Packs are not designed for OEM versions. Do not apply these updates if you are using an OEM version.


BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 2


For BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 2, use the latest update for this issue available from our download location.

This issue is addressed in the following components (and later versions):
  • CrystalCharting.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (
  • CrystalContentModels.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (
  • CrystalDatabaseConnectors.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (
  • CrystalExporters.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (
  • CrystalExportingBase.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (
  • CrystalFormulas.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (
  • CrystalQueryEngine.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (
  • CrystalReportEngine.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (
  • CrystalReportingCommon.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (
  • jrcadapter.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (
  • jrcerom.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (
  • rpoifs.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (
  • sofa.jar, dated 5/16/2006 (

Monthly Hot Fixes and Service Packs


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To determine if these issues are resolved in a Monthly Hot Fix or Service Pack on another platform, search for the Track ID number in the readme at the locations indicated above.


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