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1265896 - Delivered Email Notifications Template pulls data from incorrect field.


An email Notification for Approval template is displaying data from an incorrect Enterprise Object field.

The variable <FORM_SUBJECT> is not pulling data from the first Enterprise Object field as expected.

Reproducing the Issue

1.  Create or edit an Enterprise Object to use as a quote needing approval.

2.  Create a new quote from the Enterprise Object created or edited.

3.  Route to a user using the default "Email Notification for Approval" template.

4.  View that the recipient receives the email with incorrect data pulled from the <FORM_SUBJECT> field.


The “subject” or the “description” of an EO is set by the same logic described below.  Please note that the following explanation contains a bit of engineering details.   

1 – Description of an EO instance     

If there is at least one “Object Description” field, then the subject line is set to the concatenation of all non-empty “Object Description” fields;2.       If the “subject” is not set by step (1) and the SC1 string field (the “PM/sc1” data column) is not empty, then it is used as the subject;3.       If the “subject” is not set by step (2) and the LSC1 string field (the “PM/lsc1” data column) is not empty, then it is used as the subject;

4.       Otherwise, “Empty Description” will be used as the subject

2 – Changing the object description field does not affect in progress routing

The “subject” field is only updated when there is a user who presses the “Save” button in the form.  In other words, if the administrator changes the “object description” field setting after the form has been routed, it will not affect the “subject” field used in the routing emails. For example,1.       There is an workflow-enabled EO with three text fields: F1, F2, and F3.  F3 is set as the object description;2.       User “I” creates a new form, enter “Test Description” as the value for F3, and initiates a routing to user A and B sequentially;3.       User A receives an “approval required” email from the system, and “Test Description” is used as the form subject;4.       The administrator changes the EO definition and make F2 the only object description field in the EO;5.       User A approves the routing;6.       User B receives an “approval required” email from the system, despite the fact that F2 is now the object description, “Test Description” is still used as the form subject


Ensure the Enterprise Object field that should resolve to <FORM_SUBJECT> has the "object description" checkbox checked.  Please see Cause area for details.


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SAP Crystal Reports XI R2