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1280508 - Sort Date format in chart.


Dates are sorted alphabetically in a chart using custom group names.

Reproducing the Issue

Environment Details:

Crystal Reports Designer: XIR2 / XIR1 / 2008.

Operating System: Windows.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
  • Create a Crystal report using Xtreme Sample Database and insert Order table.
  • Create a formula:

         MonthName(Month({Order. OrderDate}))  & "/" & Day({Order.OrderDate}) & "/" & Year({Order.OrderDate})

  • Create a Chart based on this formula.
  • The dates are in Month Name/DD/YYYY (for EX:march/01/2008) format get sorted alphabetically.


Steps to Resolve the Issue:
  1. Create a Crystal Report using Xtreme Sample Database, and insert Order table.
  2. Create a Formula:

          MonthName(Month({Order.OrderDate}) & "/" & Day({Order.OrderDate}) & "/" & Year({Order.Orderdate}).

     3.Create a CrossTab,and insert Orderdate as Column field and click on group options,click on option.

     4.In Options tab, check Customize Group Name field.

     5. Select Use a Formula as Group Name -->X+2.Write a formula in X+2,

            MonthName(Month({Orders.Order Date})) & "/" & day({Orders.Order Date}) & "/"& year({Orders.Order Date}).

     6.Insert Row fields and Summarized fields.Then click on -OK-.

     7.Right Click on Crosstab,Select insert Chart.

     8.The dates are displayed in sorting order.


Sort, dates, alphabetically,charts.

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Crystal Reports 2008 V0 ; SAP Crystal Reports XI ; SAP Crystal Reports XI R2