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1350651 - Xcelsius shifts value into blank cell from lower rows when dashboard is built on QaaWS connection.


  • Xcelsius shifts value into blank cell from lower rows when dashboard is built on QaaWS connection.
  • It displays the result fine if the complete QaaWS result set is mapped as 'Row' in Excel sheet.


Xcelsius 2008 Enterprise Service Pack 3

Reproducing the Issue

1. Create a QaaWS WSDL on a Universe query whose result should have blank fields in top row. See below.

2. Use this QaaWS query in Xcelsius and set it to ‘Refresh before component load’.
3. Map each QaaWS query result column 'seperately' to Excel sheet column. For e.g. in the above illustration, column 'Object1' should be mapped to A1 to A4 in excel sheet. Similarly, 'Object2' should be mapped to B1 to B4 and 'Object3' to C1 to C4.
4. Use Xcelsius ‘Spreadsheet’ component and map it to corresponding columns and rows in excel sheet.
5. Preview the model. See result below.


  • The behaviour is by design of Xcelsius. 
  • The result is the same in Web Intelligence report if we run a query on a single dimension object (where it is mapped to blank database fields).


The below is an explanation of the observed behaviour:
When we map the complete 'Row' set of QaaWs into Excel and then show in Xcelsius, the display result is fine as expected – that is, even the blank cells are considered.
However, when we map individual column of the QaaWS result separately in Excel and then show in Xcelsius, each blank cell is being ignored and being filled up by a value below that cell. 
This is because, as per business logic, a blank cell result holds no value if it does not correspond to an associated object/dimension. For e.g. if we say for a business action "A" in column1, there is no record in column2 – it is valid and Xcelsius will display this 'row' result set. 
However, if we say, and display, only column2, or do a separate column mapping for it – it becomes one dimensional. The blank cells hold no value as they do not correspond to any object/dimension. 
Hence, Xcelsius ignores these blanks and pushes the data from below cell to the bank cell above.   


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