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1353170 - How to build a setup package with Crystal Reports 2008 SP1 merge modules and Visual Studio .NET 2005?


  • Dependency warnings while building setup package:
    • ATL
    • OpenMP
    • MFC
    • CRT
    • MFCLOC
  • Crystal Reports 2008 SP1 merge modules.
  • How to build a setup package with CRRuntime_12_1.msm?

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a new setup project in Visual Studio .NET 2005.
  2. Add the CRRuntime_12_1.msm merge module to the setup project. 
  3. Build the setup project.
  • Visual Studio .NET 2005.
  • Crystal Reports 2008 SP1 merge modules (CRRuntime_12_1.msm).


  • The merge modules for Crystal Reports 2008 SP1 are dependent on the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 libraries.
  • The merge modules for the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 SP1 files are only available if you install Visual Studio .NET 2005 SP1.


This can be resolved by updating the Visual C++ Runtime Libraries (x86) prerequisite for Visual Studio .NET 2005. The instructions below show you how to update the C++ library to Visual C++ 2005 SP1 and how to add the library as a prerequisite to your setup package. 

  1. On your development system, with Visual Studio .NET 2005, open the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\BootStrapper\Packages\vcredist_x86\ directory.
  2. Make backup copies of vcredist_x86.exe and product.xml.
  3. Open product.xml in Notepad.
    1. Edit the <PackageFiles> section so it looks like this.
<PackageFile Name="vcredist_x86.exe"
HomeSite="" />
  1. Download the updated vcredist_x86.exe from here and place it in your C:\Program Files\..\BootStrapper\Packages\vcredist_x86\ directory.
  2. Open your setup project in Visual Studio .NET 2005.
  3. Right click the setup project name in the Solution Explorer and select Add > Merge Modules.
  4. Add the CRRuntime_12_1.msm file to your setup package.
    1. You can download CRRuntime_12_1.msm here if you don't have it.
  5. Right click the CRRuntime_12_1.msm file and select Properties.
  6. Expand the MergeModuleProperties and scroll down until you find the Keycode property.
  7. Enter your keycode.
  8. Right click on the setup project name in the Solution Explorer and select Properties.
  9. Click on the Prerequisites button.
  10. Select Visual C++ Runtime Libraries (x86).
  11. Select any other prerequisites your application my need. Such as, the .NET Framework.
  12. Select Download prerequisites from the component vendor's web site.
  13. Click Ok.
  14. Click Ok.
  15. Build your setup project and ignore all warnings like: unable to find module dependency with signature ... or two or more objects have the same target location ...
  16. Copy all the setup files to a clean client and install.


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