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1355525 - How to create a Chart in Crystal Reports ?


How to create a Chart in Crystal Reports?


Crystal Report Designer 2008


  1. Launch Crystal Repotr Designer.
  2. Go to File > New > Blank Reoprt
  3. On the Insert menu, click Chart.
    An object frame appears in the Report Header area.
  4. Tip: Another way to create a chart is to click the Insert Chart button on
    the Insert Tools toolbar.
  5. Drag the frame to the desired position in the Report Header.
    The Chart Expert dialog box appears.
  6. On the Type tab, in the Chart type list, select a chart type.(BAR)
  7. Click the Data tab.
  8. In the Layout area, click Advanced, if it is not already selected.
  9. In the Data area, specify the database fields you want to use as conditions.
    You can select "On change of" from the list, then add up to two database fields in the box underneath the list.
  10. The arrow buttons on the Chart Expert dialog box allow you to move fields from one list to the other. Single arrows move only the selected field; double arrows move all fields at the same time.
  11. Add the database fields you want to use as values to the Show value(s) list.
  12. If you do not want Crystal Reports to automatically summarize the chart values for a formula field, select the Don’t summarize check box.
  13. If the Axes and Options tabs appear, you can customize some of the chart’s properties, such as the scaling of the axes, the legend, and the data points.
  14. Click the Text tab.
  15. Accept the default title information or add new titles to your chart.
  16. Click OK.

Note: When your chart is inserted, it may cover a portion of the report. Move
and resize the chart so that it fits properly within the report.


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