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1381436 - RDC application returns no data based on a Stored Procedure with an "_" (underscore) in the name


  • When a report is previewed from Crystal Report Designer the data is returned with no problems.
  • When the report is processed from the Report Designer Control (RDC - craxdrt.dll) application, then no data is returned.


Crystal Reports XI R2

Reproducing the Issue

  • Crystal Reports XI R2 RDC runtime components.
  • Connecting to Microsoft Sql Server 2000 and Stored Procedure using MDAC 2.6 and ODBC DSN and an underscore in the Stored Procedure name.
  • Looking at the SQL Server Profiler trace, the same calls are being make to attempt to use the Stored Procedure as a Table instead of a Stored Procedure.
  • The stored procedure syntax is as follows: create procedure [dbo].[_cus] as select * from arcusfil_Sql

Other details: Crystal XI R2 Components Database = Microsoft SQL Server 2000 sp 4 Database Driver used in report = ODBC User = db_Owner within the Database

  • Error Generated: SQL Profiler generates the following entry for the RDC application:
exec sp_tableswc N'[_]cus;1', N'dbo', N'Data_01', NULL 
exec Data_01..sp_columns N'[_]cus;1', N'dbo', N'Data_01', NULL, @ODBCVer = 3
select * from "Data_01"."dbo"."_cus;1" where 0=1
  • Crystal Reports Designer generates this syntax in the log:
    exec xtreme..sp_sproc_columns N'[_]cus;1', N'dbo', N'xtreme', NULL, @ODBCVer = 3
    exec xtreme.dbo._cus



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SAP Crystal Reports XI R2