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1416603 - The 'Search for text' function issue in DHTML viewer and Advanced DHTML viewer


If there are some NULL values included in the Running Total Fields of Crystal Reports.view this report through InfoView with DHTML viewer ,will encounter an error message "Error" when you use the 'Search for text' function


  • Operating System: Windows 2003
  • Crystal Report Server XI Release 2  Fix Pack 4.6

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a Crystal Report with your sample database.Such as, Microsoft SQL Server "Northwind".
  2. Select a Number type object and put it in the Details section of CR report.
  3. Create a Running Total Fields based on the Number type object and put it in the Details section of CR report too.
  4. Right click the Running Total Field from the Detail section -> Format Field -> Common tab ->Display String->Edit formula
  5. In the Formula Workshop, input: IIF (expression, "", "*")
  6. For example, IIF ({Table.NumObj} >10,"","*")
  7. Save this report and export it to the Crystal Report Server.
  8. Log on InfoView, view this CR report with DHTML viewer.
  9. Click the 'Search for text' button which looks like telescope and search any text you like. Then you will see a error message.
  10. This error will also occurs in the Advanced DHTML viewer. But if you change to use ActiveX viewer or Java viewer to view this CRreport, it is OK with the search function.


The issue has been identified and logged under Problem Report ID ADAPT01165301


This issue will be fixed in Crystal Report Server XI Release 2  SP6


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