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1434179 - OLE error 80880004


This error appears when the "Logoff" button is clicked against a user in the User Monitor utility. What does the error "80880004" actually mean, and how does it arise?


BusinessObjects Performance Optimization v 2.4 (EPO)
BusinessObjects Performance Optimization v 11.20 onwards including Hotfixes (EPO)
BusinessObjects Performance Profitability v 11.30 onwards including Hotfixes and service packs (EPM)
BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management v 7 (PCM)
SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management 7.5

Configured using Sockets
Configured using DCOM
Configured to an Oracle database
Configured to an SQL database
BusinessObjects XI 2.0 Enterprise InfoView
BusinessObjects XI 3.0 Enterprise InfoView
BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.0 FixPack2
BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1
CITRIX server acts as client machine

Reproducing the Issue

The error can be reproduced by

  1. Logging a user into a PCM internet web browser session 
  2. Opening the User Monitor utility 
  3. Terminating the interface process (IEXPLORE.EXE)
  4. Clicking the 'Logoff' button in User Monitor will demonstrate the error.


The 80880004 error translates as "Incorrect User" (see Note #1197850 for a complete list of PCM internal errors). This error occurs due to the abnormal termination of an internet browser session.

When a user logs off or closes an internet browser session normally then the user is logged off the system, and that user is removed from the internal list of current users. If the interface is terminated abnormally then this process does not occur and the user session is still listed in both the internal lists (held by the PCMMAIN service) and is listed in such interfaces as User Monitor and PCM System Information. Both User Monitor and PCM System Information contain the facility to invalidate a user's session (labelled as a 'Logoff' button, but actually there is a subtle difference, and the session is only invalidated allowing the session to remain active until the next time the user attempts to communicate with the services on the Application Server). When the 'Logoff' button is clicked the system attempts to check that the session is current and active in order to then invalidate it and remove it from the list of current users. If the user session cannot be determined as being active (because no communication can take place between the user interface and the services on the Application Server) then the "Incorrect User" error arises.

Essentially then, this is an error that arises due to a mismatch between what the system thinks is a list of current and active users, and the actual number of current users due to an abnormal termination of an internet browser session.


There is no expected resolution for this error. The error is reporting information to the Administrator concerning the state of the user's session that the Administrator user was attempting to remove.


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