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1434481 - What elements are unique to Crystal Reports and may be added to an application Web.Config file?



  • The elements noted below are unique to Crystal Reports can be added to an application Web.Config file
  • Applies to applications created in VS .NET 2005 and VS .NET 2008
    • CrystalImageCleaner (automatically deletes dynamically generated images rendered by the CrystalReportViewer control)
    • CrystalImageHandler (displays all dynamic images in the CrystalReportViewer control)
    • documentView (controls how the report appears in the report canvas)
    • globalResourcePath (reference to the file directory path for global resources)
    • maxNumberListOfValues (controls the number of LOV items that will be sent to the client)
    • printControl (allows you to print the report directly to your local printer)
    • processingIndicatorDelay (controls the time delay before the report processing indicator appears)
    • processingIndicatorText (controls the text displayed in the report processing indicator)
    • resourceURI (sets the location of the crystalreportviewers directory in your web application)
    • reportMappings (converts the .dll file created in Visual Studio 2003 to a disk file)
    • serverFileReportManager (enumerates the server files on the server machine)
    • UseAsynchronousRequests (enables / disables asynchronous requests within the DHTML viewer)
    • UseBrowserLocale (retrieves the language settings in your browser for the CrystalReportViewer control)
  • For more information about each of the above elements, search for web.config in the crsdk_net_dg_12_en.chm file.


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