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1437731 - Cannot open Web Application Designer (WAD) report template from Infoview hyperlink.


  • Cannot open Web Application Designer (WAD) report template from Infoview hyperlink.
  • The browser loops the request and the progress bar flickers.


  • Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1 Service Pack 2 (SP2)
  • Infoview XI 3.1 SP2
  • SAP Integrated Solutions XI 3.1 SP2
  • Netweaver SAP Portal

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Launch Infoview and create a new hyperlink to a Web Application Desiner report template.
  2. View the hyperlink.


The Application Integration is expecting that the main frame which is calling them is owned by NetWeaver and by this they are expecting some properties in Java Scripts which are not available in an simple iFrame.


This is a limitation on how Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) handles hyperlinks in the hyperlink object. The Hyperlink object is intended for linking to static pages that display information or picturess etc, but in this case it goes to an external authentication system (the SAP portal) that will go through a complete authentication and will keep modifying the URL header/cookies etc.. The difference between running the URL outside our software (e.g. in the browser address bar) vs executing it within the Infoview is that Enterprise runs the URL through the java mechanism, and so is embedded inside another page. 


Here as an example we are using the following URL, generated from the WAD report template:


Consult points 4.2 + 4.2.1 of the documentation for integration of SAP NW iViews into IBM Web Sphere available at:

The document (also attached to this note) is from IBM WebSphere, but should fit to all external portals which are accessing SAP NW from outside.

Restart the portal and follow the description from the document. Especially you need to start the portal using this new interop link.

Specify a different link in order to launch the WAD report since we would like to utilize the new URL alias defined in the web.xml file called 'interop'.

Then when entering the portal with the URL http://<host>:<port>/irj/portal/interop, the portal works in nested mode and changes its internal JavaScript references.

The new URL link then becomes:

This should now work when the WAD template is launched from Infoview. Because the entire portal environment will be displayed (top level navigation, detailed navigation etc), you will need to create a new portal desktop that is assigned only to portal URL alias 'interop'. The new desktop will include a copy of the default framework page but the only unhidden part will be the portal content area - all other parts
should be marked as hidden.  Because a new URL alias (portal/interop) is now defined, a new custom portal display rule for that alias also needs to be defined, for example:


The same applies to open a BEx query from an Infoview hyperlink.


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