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1439745 - How to improve performance of a Crystal Report in VB. NET application on load of first report.


  • Processing of first report in a Visual Studio .NET is slower than when the report is loaded in the Crystal Reports Designer
  • Subsequent reports are processed equivalently to the Report Designer


See the article "Improving Crystal Reports Performance in Visual Studio .NET Applications" for discussesion of causes and possible solutions.


A resolution not documented in the article referenced under the "Cause" tab is documented below

'Use a separate thread to load a report which will load and initialize the Crystal Reports runtime 
            TraceWriteLine("starting Crystal Reports Thread")
             myTimer = New FunctionTimer("load crystal")
             Dim t As New Thread(AddressOf LoadCrystal)
             t.Priority = ThreadPriority.BelowNormal
             TraceWriteLine("...thread started")
'Load up a dummy report - no database connection required
     Public Sub LoadCrystal()
         crReport = New ReportDocument
' This report is not used, it is just loaded.
             crReport.Load("path to a report")
         Catch ex As Exception
             DisplayException(ex, "Error String"
         End Try
     End Sub


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