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1471500 - Using the RAS SDK for VS .NET, how do you set a field's background color?



The following code set the background color:

Private Sub SetBackgroundColorFormula(ByVal pstrFieldName As String, ByVal pstrFormula As String)
Dim col As ISCRReportObject = CType(crRepDef.FindObjectByName(pstrFieldName), ISCRReportObject)
Dim lstr As String = col.Border.ConditionFormulas(CrBorderConditionFormulaTypeEnum.crBorderConditionFormulaTypeBackgroundColor).Text

If lstr Is Nothing Then
  'Create a new formula for this object (i.e. this column in the report)
  Dim cf As ConditionFormula = New ConditionFormula
  Dim colTemp As ISCRReportObject = col
  cf.Text = pstrFormula
  rptDoc.ReportClientDocument.ReportDefController.ReportObjectController.Modify(col, colTemp)
  col.Border.ConditionFormulas(CrBorderConditionFormulaTypeEnum.crBorderConditionFormulaTypeBackgroundColor).Text = pstrFormula
End If
End Sub



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