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1477505 - Group name missing from the Chart and Chart Legend in Crystal Reports


  • Group name on the chart missing.
  • Values missing from the chart legend.
  • Bars of a chart shows incorrect summaries and groups in Crystal Reports.
  • When creating a chart off a cross-tab in Crystal Reports, the chart merge some group together even if those groups where distinct, which is causing the chart to display incorrect groups and summaries.


  • SAP Crystal Reports 2008

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In Crystal Reports, create a new report off any data source.
  2. Insert a cross-tab on the report.
  3. Customize the row group name of the cross-tab. ( Example, if the row is the country name, use the country name to display )
  4. Insert a bar chart based off the cross-tab
    Notice the bars on the bar chart doesn't contain the same number of values as in the cross-tab, and the summaries for some group are different.
    For example:
    If we have a cross-tab displaying Sales by Country like:

         Canada                 100
         Canary  Islands       50
         Mexico                    75
         USA                      250
    If we use the cross-tab to create a bar chart, the chart will display the information  like:
         Canada           150
         Mexico              75
         USA                250
    As you can see the country: Canary Islands, will be merge into Canada, and this is why the total for Canada will be 150 instead of 100.
    And notice that Canary Island doesn’t even display on the chart, as it merge the group name that starts with the same characters.


  • The issue has been identified and logged under Problem Report ID ADAPT01385636
  • This issue arise only when a cross-tab row is set on one database field, but displays another one, and the first 3 characters of some of the group name are the same.


  • This issue has been resolved in the following product updates and above:
    • Crystal Reports 2008:
      • Fix Pack 2.8
      • Fix Pack 3.1
      • Service Pack 4


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