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1485716 - The Already Paid Supplier Invoice is Still Shown as Not Posted Source Document


There is one supplier invoice XYZ(XYZ Refers to Supplier invoice) that is paid, but later on, you find it shows up in the Not Posted Source Documents list. You wonder why this happens.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Supplier Invoicing work center and choose the Invoices and Credit Memos view.
  2. Show All Documents.
  3. Search the supplier invoice XYZ.
  4. You can see the status of this supplier invoice is Paid.
  5. Then go to the General Ledger work center, and then choose the Closing Cockpit view.
  6. Select the Source Documents subview.
  7. Show Not Posted Source Documents.
  8. You can see supplier invoice XYZ is on the list.
  9. Choose View Business Transaction.

      You can see the error message: Period XXX in fiscal year YYYY is closed for closing step Operational postings.



From the document flow of the supplier invoice XYZ, you can see there are several Goods and Service Receipt documents created, most of which are created after the supplier invoice XYZ.

If the supplier invoice is created before the goods and service receipt document, the supplier invoice items are linked to the purchase order first. Then whenever a new goods receipt is released, an update is sent to the supplier invoice. An internal posting inside the purchase ledger account (Operational Posting) is triggered to reassign the supplier invoice item to the goods receipt item, which is necessary for the GR/IR clearing later.

Normally, these updates are tried to be posted to the same posting period as the original journal entry of supplier invoice. If that does not work, a task is created and the supplier invoice is shown as not posted source document.

Because the supplier invoice XYZ is originally posted to fiscal year YYYY, but it is closed, this is why supplier invoice is shown as not posted source document.



To finish the operational posting task, either open the already closed fiscal year period, or repost the business transaction to another period. As the fiscal year is already closed, so you can only make the posting to another period, the detailed steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the General Ledger work center, and choose the Closing Cockpit view.
  2. Select the Source Documents subview.
  3. Show Not Posted Source Documents.
  4. Search for the source supplier invoice XYZ.
  5. Choose View Business Transaction.
  6. Then, choose Post to Another Period to repost the business transaction to another period.

    The supplier invoice XYZ should not be on the Not Posted Source Documents list anymore.


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