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1495367 - Bar Chart sorted in Specified Orders, sorts in Ascending orders in Crystal Reports


  • Bars displays in the incorrect orders.
  • On a bar chart in Crystal Reports, bars set to sort in specified orders, aren't sorted in specified orders.
  • After applying Crystal Reports 2008 Service Pack 3, bars set to sort in specified orders, are sorted in ascending orders.


  • SAP Crystal Reports 2008 with Service Pack 3

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In Crystal Reports 2008 with Service Pack 3, create a report off any data source.
  2. Add a bar chart to the report with 2 on changes of fields, and one summary.
  3. In the Chart Expert, set the second fields used for the: On change of, in specified order, by clicking the button Order...
  4. When viewing the report, notice the bars are in ascending order instead of the order specified

For example: If we setup the second group of the bar chart to sort in specified order the values for “Country” in the following orders: Canada, USA, Mexico, when viewing the report, it will display the bars in ascending orders like: Canada, Mexico and USA


  • This is an issue introduced in Service Pack 3 of Crystal Reports 2008
  • The issue has been identified and logged under Problem Report ID ADAPT01460999


  • The issue has been resolved in the following product update and above:
    • Crystal Reports 2008
      • Fix Pack 3.3


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