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1507114 - The System Gives Error Message When Posting Service Confirmation to Accounting


After the service is performed for the customer, you post the service confirmation to accounting but the system generates a task and tells you: Financials assignment for material XYZ/business residence ABC not specified. You feel this error message should not be generated as the business residence ABC has no material XYZ in stock.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the Service Orders work center, choose the Service Order Processing view.
  2. Click New and select Service Order.
  3. Enter the service line item and the spare part XYZ that is needed for the service.
  4. From the Submit drop-down list, choose Release to Service Execution.
  5. Deliver the spare part to the customer site and perform the required service.
  6. In the Field Service and Repair work center, choose the Order Pipeline view.
  7. From the Show drop-down list, choose All Orders to be Executed.
  8. Select the order that is just created and click Confirm Execution.
  9. In the New Service Confirmation screen, click Release and select With Order Completion.
  10. Then go to the General Ledger work center and check the journal entries.
  11. For the posted service confirmation, there is a journal entry with the type Internal Service Confirmation.
  12. Check the document flow of the journal entry, you can find there is a Goods and Activity Confirmation document generated by the service confirmation.  
  13. Go to the Closing Cockpit view and select the Source Document subview.
  14. You can see this Goods and Activity Confirmation document is shown as unposted document.
  15. Click View Business Transaction.
  16. You can see the error message: Financials assignment for material XYZ/business residence ABC not specified.
  17. Meanwhile, go back to the Journal Entries view and choose Work subview.
  18. Select the open task with the same error message and check the description of the task.

    You can see the description: Maintain the valuation view of the material for the specified combination of company and business residence.


The reason why the system gives such an error message is that an account determination group is needed to determine the cost of goods sold (COGS) account. When the service confirmation is posted, the system first find the business residence of the service organization that performs the service to the customer, which is ABC, and then checks the valuation view of material XYZ and see if the account determination group is maintained for the business residence ABC, if not, it then generates a task.


To successfully finish the task, follow the instructions of the message and edit the material master data of XYZ:

  1. In the Product Data work center, choose the Materials view.
  2. Search material XYZ and click Edit.
  3. In the Valuation tab, add one row for Business Residence ABC.
  4. Enter the Account Determination Group.
  5. Click Save.

     You should be able to successfully finish the task.


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