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1568284 - How to improve performance of crystal reports?


View on demand or scheduling any simple crystal report is taking twice time than BusinessObjects XI R 2.


  • BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 or Crystal Reports Server 2008.
  • Windows Server 2003.


Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to infoview in BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R2.
  2. View any crystal report.
  3. Report will come up in 60 seconds (for example).
  4. Migrate the report in BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1.
  5. View it again through infoview.
  6. Same report will take approximately 2 minutes to come up.


  • Many new servers and features have been added in BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1, hence XI 3.1 requires more powerfull hardware resources and memory to provide faster performance.
  • Crystal servers were not tunned by default. 


  1. Log-in to CMC as administrator and make the following changes in the servers properties.
  2. Crystal Reports Cache server
    Maximum Cache Size (in kilobytes) - 512
    Oldest On-Demand Data Given to Clients (in seconds) - 300000
  3. Crystal Reports Processing Server
    Database Records Read When Previewing or Refreshing - 0
    Oldest On-Demand Data Given to Clients (in seconds) – 300000
  4. Restart Crystal cache, Crystal Processing and CMS.

Note: Before changing the parameter "Oldest On-Demand Data Given to Clients (in seconds)", please check  reference section for more information.


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Crystal Reports Server 2008 V1


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