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1591704 - Report based off SAP data source returns no data, or have missing records


  • No data returned
  • Reports based off SAP ECC tables or a BEx Query, returns no data, or it is missing data.
  • In Crystal Reports, when refreshing reports based off an SAP data source, it sometimes returns no records, or it is missing some records.
  • Reports used to work before applying an update to the SAP Integration Kit.
  • The same report in Crystal Reports 2008 with Service Pack 3 of the SAP Integration Kit for XI 3.1 returns data.


  • Crystal Reports 2008 with Fix Pack 3.2 or above
  • SAP Integration Kit for XI 3.1 with Fix Pack 3.2 or above
  • Crystal Reports 2011

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open Crystal Reports
  2. Create a new report off an SAP Table
  3. Add a couple of database fields to the report
  4. Create a Record Selection Formula like:  {Database Field} = ''
  5. Refresh the report

The report returns no data, despite we expect some records.


  • In Fix Pack 3.2 and above of the SAP Integration Kit for XI 3.1, it treats the empty values differently, and therefore if you have a Record Selection on the report looking for empty string, it will eliminate all the records as it sees it has NULL instead of empty
  • The issue has been identified and logged under Problem Report ID ADAPT01539170


  • For Crystal Reports 2008, this issue is resolved in the following product update of the SAP Integration Kit and Crystal Reports 2008:
    • Fix Pack 3.7 
    • Fix Pack 4.1 
    • Service Pack 5
  • For Crystal Reports 2011, the issue is resolved in:
    • Support Pack 05
  • If you cannot apply the product update for some time for Crystal Reports 2008 or Crystal Reports 2011, then you can workaround this issue by checking the report option: Convert Database NULL Values to Default. This will convert the NULL value to an empty string for database field of data type: string. To check this option:
    1. Open the report in Crystal Reports
    2. Under the menu: File, select Report Options
    3. In the Report Options window, check the option: Convert Database NULL Values to Default
    4. Click OK to accept the change, and save the report.

After checking this option, the report will return the expected result set.


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