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1610049 - Error: 'Data source object is not valid' after setting an ADODB.Recordset on SetDataSource method


  • Using the code:
Dim rsPkLst As ADODB.Recordset = Nothing
Dim report As New crPickingList
' Fill ADODB.Recordset with SQL Statment
If rsPkLst.RecordCount > 0 Then
      report.SetDataSource(rsPkLst) ' Error : The data source object is invalid
  • On development computer the code works as expected
  • When the application is deployed to a client computer, the following error is thrown:

Data source object is not valid


  • VS2010
  • CRVS2010


  • Using the Modules utility and comparing the differences, showed that the ADODB.DLL was missing on the client side


  • Ensure that ADODB.dll is part of the installed runtime

See Also

  • Recommendation for VS .NET application is to use the ADO .NET Datasets
  • See Crystal Reports Guide To ADO.NET for more information
  • Use an OleDbDataAdapter.Fill() method to convert a RecordSet to a DataSet:
OleDbDataAdapter myDA = new OleDbDataAdapter();
DataSet myDS = New DataSet();
myDA.Fill(myDS, adoRS, "MyTable");


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