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1630211 - Process Communication Error:Changes not Permitted; task XYZ1 is blocked, closed, or stopped


You as Administrator, observed the below process Communication Error for one of the Project in the system:

Title: Solve Business Document Inconsistency in Project XYZ to process Employee Time Confirmation

Message: Changes not Permitted; task XYZ1 is blocked, closed, or stopped

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Application and User Management work center.
  2. Select Overview view.
  3. Select Open Errors with tasks under Process Communication Errors.
  4. Select the respective task and select Open Task Detail button.


When an employee records times on a project, some messages are sent to Project Management and Accounting. A user cannot record times on a project if it is 'closed', 'stopped' or 'on hold'. Additionally the user receives a warning if the times recorded would lead to messages sent to Accounting for closed accounting periods.

If employee times are changed (at a later stage), messages are recalculated and it is checked if there have been changes relevant to Project Management or Accounting. In that case new messages are sent and the earlier ones are cancelled. If the assignment of an employee to a cost center or job has changed, then the determination of the Labour Resource of the employee may change. This can also happen in case the definition of the Labour Resource has changed, leading to a different Labour Resource being determined for an employee. Please note that this is only relevant if the Labour Resource determination changes, but not in such cases as cost rate changes.

If a change in Labour Resource determination is starting with some date in the past, more precisely for a period where times have already been recorded and messages sent to Accounting, then these times may have been posted to a wrong Labour Resource (and possibly wrong Cost Center). For this reason a recalculation of earlier sent messages may lead to resending message with different Labour Resource.


To solve the error, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Project XYZ in Project Management work center.
  2. Select View All button and navigate to the project task.
  3. Change the task as follows: If the status of the project task is Stopped or Closed, revoke the stopping or closure. Or if the On Hold checkbox is selected for the project task , uncheck the checkbox.

Note: The status of a project and its tasks, including the option to put a project or task on hold, is automatically inherited to all subordinate tasks below it. If the entire project or a superordinate task is stopped or closed, you must first revoke this status; this status is then automatically revoked for all subordinate tasks. If the entire project or the superordinate task is on hold, you must first uncheck this checkbox; the On Hold checkbox of all subordinate tasks is then also removed automatically.

  1. Save the changes.
  2. The system sets the status of the project task to Released and On Hold is no longer selected.
  3. Restart the process by selecting the Restart Process in the Process Communication Error screen.

Result: The system updates the project task accordingly.

Note: Check if it should be permitted to add further postings to the project task .

  • If further postings are to be permitted, no further actions are required.
  • If no further posting are permitted, close / stop / block the project task again.


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