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1630639 - FTE Values Are Different Between Work Agreement and Organizational Assignment in Employee Personnel File


You observe that the FTE values of a particular employee are different in the Work Agreement and Organizational Assignment sub-tabs in the employee personnel file.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Personnel Administration work center.
  2. Enter the Employees view. 
  3. Search for the employee and select it.
  4. Click on the Edit button. 
  5. Enter the Employment tab.

Here if you check the Work Agreement and Organizational Assignment sub-tabs, you can see that the FTE values are different.


There may be 2 main reasons for this issue:

  1. The FTE calculation may be outdated after a change is done in the Working Time business configuration activity.
  2. There is an incorrect setting in the Working Time fine-tuning activity.
    For a particular combination of Work Agreement and Administrative Category, if you adjust the validity date of the working hours to a certain date, any employee with this Work Agreement and Administrative Category that have a hire date outside of the configured validity will not have any Standard Working Hours.

    For example, consider an entry in the Working Time activity with Standard Working Hours valid from 01.01.2011 to Unlimited. Then consider that this entry was modified as valid from 01.01.2011 to 01.10.2011. In this scenario, all the employees that fit this working time entry and have their hire date between 01.01.2011 to 30.09.2011 will not have any Standard Working Hours.


  1. If there was a change in the working time that was not reflected on the employees, you can perform a dummy change in order to refresh the FTE calculation. To do this, you can follow the below steps:
    1. Go to the Personnel Administration work center.
    2. Enter the Employees view.
    3. Search and select the employee.
    4. Click on the Edit button.
    5. Navigate to the Employment tab.
    6. Enter the Work Agreement sub-tab.
    7. Select the entry with the incorrect FTE value.
    8. Click on the Remove button.
    9. Click on Save and Close.
    10. Click again on the Edit button to edit the same employee.
    11. Navigate to the Employment tab.
    12. Navigate to the Work Agreement sub-tab.
    13. Create a new entry with the correct working time.
    14. Click on Save.

  2. If there is a change in standard Working Time validity for this group, a new record must be created with the new Standard Working Time instead of adjusting the existing record.

    For example, if you set the working time configuration as the following:
    DD1.MM1.YYYY1 – DD2.MM2.YYYY2 = 38.5h/Week
    DD3.MM3.YYYY3 - Unlimited = 37h/week

    Real Time Example:
    01.01.2011 - 30.09.2011 38,5h / Week
    01.10.2011 - Unlimited 37h / Week

    To Correct the Working Time, you can follow the below steps:
    1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
    2. Enter the Implementation Projects view.
    3. Select the active implementation project.
    4. Click on the Open Activity List button.
    5. Navigate to the Fine Tune tab.
    6. Open the fine tuning activity Working Time.
    7. Select the respective combination (Work Agreement and Administrative Category) and change the Valid From field to the respective date as documented above and add a new row for the current assignment.
    8. Click on the Save and Close button.

After making the above correction, it is required to run a report in the background to correct the wrong FTE values calculated earlier. This report should be executed by SAP. Hence raise a case to run the report to correct the wrong FTE value.


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