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1640821 - When viewing a report that has saved data using Crystal Report for Eclipse Version 2, an error stating "Error finding JNDI name (...)" is shown.


  • A report that already has saved data is attempted to be viewed using Crystal Reports For Eclipse Version 2.
  • The report contains one or more subreports that is in a section of the main report that is conditionally suppressed by a formula.
  • The subreport contains side-effects (for example a shared variable) that will have an impact on the rest of the report.


Crystal Reports For Eclipse Version 2.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a Crystal Report that is based off of a datasource.
  2. Create a subreport within the main report.
  3. The subreport needs to be designed so that it has side-effects on the rest of the report (for example, it has formulas that use shared variables).
  4. Put the subreport into one of the sections of the main report.
  5. Click on the "Section Expert" of the main report.
  6. In the section of the main report that holds the subreport, add a forumla to the "Suppress (No Drill-down)" by clicking on the "X+2" button in the "Common" tab.
  7. Add a forumla that conditionally suppresses that section of the report.


  • Viewing Crystal Reports using Crystal Reports for Eclipse Version 2 makes use of the Crystal Reports 2008 Viewer.
  • When a report is created with saved data using Crystal Reports Designer 2008, suppressed subreports that have side effects (for example, shared variables) are not evaluated if the subreport is in a hidden or suppressed section and the subreport is linked to the main report.
  • Crystal Reports for Eclipse Version 2 makes use of the Java-based Crystal Reports Viewer 2008.  In this viewer, suppressed subreports which have side effects (for example shared variables) will be evaluated thus causing the need to make a connection to the database to retrieve the data.
  • This is a known and documented limitation of the Crystal Reports 2008 Viewer.

See Also

Please refer to the Crystal Reports Viewer 2008 Release Notes - Page 7.  The section to reference is called "Types of reports that will have different data" --> "Shared variables in formulas".

A link to the Crystal Report Viewers 2008 Release Notes can be found in the References section.


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