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1660504 - Xcelsius 2008: loss of dynamic visibility after update to SP3 or SP4


Dynamic visibility for certain components does not work anymore.


  • Xcelsius 2008 SP3 and related Fix Packs
  • Xcelsius 2008 SP4 and related Fix Packs

Reproducing the Issue


  1. Create a new dashboard in Xcelsius 2008 SP2
  2. In the spreadsheet, insert data as follows:
    A B C
    1 Table =IF(C2=1;(B1&B2);0)
    2 Key =IF(B1=A2;1;0)
  3. Insert the following components: Map, Spreadsheet Table, Scorecard, and two Toggle Buttons (Toggle Button 1 and Toggle Button 2)
  4. Edit Toggle Button 1's properties and set the data as follows: Labels - A1:A2; Source Data - A1:A2; Destination - B1
  5. Set the Scorecard's Dynamic Visibility as follows: Status - B1; Key - A1
  6. Set the Spreadsheet's Dynamic Visibility as follows: Status - B1; Key - A2
  7. Edit Toggle Button 2's properties and set the data as follows: Labels - Off/ 1 and On/ 1; Destination - C2
  8. Set Toggle Button 2's Dynamic Visibility as follows: Status - D1; Key - 1 (meaning that, D1 being blank, the component will never be shown)
  9. Set the Map's Dynamic Visibility as follows: Status - C1; Key - Map1 (i.e. B1&B2 when Toggle Button 2 inserts the default "Off" label, 1, into C2)
  10. Preview the dashboard
  11. Click on Toggle Button 1 - the map is shown correctly
  12. Exit the preview and save the dashboard
  13. Open the .XLF file with Xcelsius SP4
  14. Preview the dashboard
  15. Click on Toggle Button 1 - the map is not displayed.


This is caused by a change in how components hidden by Dynamic Visibility work.

In SP2, even if a component is hidden by Dynamic Visibility, it will still be fully created and will function as if it is not hidden. This mean that Toggle Button 2 will write value  to cell C2 even if it's hidden by Dynamic Visibility. This is not true in SP3 (and later versions). In SP3 (and later versions), components won’t write any value to cell C2 if they are hidden by Dynamic Visibility.


Make sure that the control cell (in this case, C2), displays the correct value independently from the dynamically hidden component.


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