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1670524 - GR/IR Clearing Error Message: Account determination missing for material


After performing a GR/IR Clearing Run, you check the logs and the error message: Account determination missing for material appears on the Messages tab of the logs.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Inventory Valuation work center, and choose the Periodic Tasks view.
  2. Select the GR/IR Clearing subview.
  3. Select the target run ID, and choose View.
  4. Go to the Processed With Errors tab.
  5. Navigate to the line item of the purchasing document in question, and you can see the error message at the bottom of the screen: Account determination missing for material.


First of all, there is big difference between the purchasing price and the invoice price, moreover, the company currency is XYZ, while the transaction currency in Goods and Service Receipt and Supplier Invoice is ABC. Because of the purchasing difference and the exchange rate difference, accounts should be specified in Business Configuration to collect the gains or loss resulting from these two kinds of difference. But there are no accounts maintained to collect these gains or loss, so the system gives the error message.


In order to fix the issue, maintain the missing setups for account determination within the Fine Tuning activity Charts of Accounts, Financial Reporting Structures, Account Determination - Account Determination, and run again the GR/IR Clearing. The previous erroneous Purchase Document Items will be processed successfully. The detailed steps are as follows:

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to Implementation Projects view.
  3. Select your implementation project and perform the action Open Activity List.
  4. Go to Fine Tune and search for the activity Chart of Accounts, Financial Reporting Structures,Account Determination.
  5. Select the link Account Determination and then navigate to Inventory.
  6. Select your Account Determination profile and select the subledger Inventories.
  7. Navigate to the tab Differences, and maintain the accounts for Gain/Loss from Purchasing Price Differences, and Gain/Loss from Exchange Rate Differences.


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