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1681149 - How to Delete an Activated Organizational Structure Which has References to Other Business Areas?


You have created an Organizational Structure and activated the whole structure which has many references to other business areas as listed below. Now, you would like to delete the Organizational Structure but system throws many error messages which are in reference to the other areas.

And you couldn’t able to change the Org unit IDs as well.


1.       Once an Org Unit is activated, then it is not possible to remove/change the ID assigned to it.

2.       If an Org Unit which is assigned as Company and after activation, it is not possible to delete the Org Unit.

3.       If the Org Unit is assigned as Cost center, profit center, etc., and if it is used in any business transactions documents like assigning an employee to the cost center, Sales order, etc., then it is not possible to delete the org unit until the business transactions documents exists.


In these cases, it is highly complex to delete the activated org structure.

  1. Refer the Knowledge Base Document 1497736 - Cannot Delete Org Unit because There Is Employee Work Agreement Reference for the error messages related to employee references while deleting the Org Unit.
  2. Once a Company is activated, then it is not possible to delete the unit.

In order to proceed further, please perform the below actions,

  1. Remove the employee reference from the above org unit as per the document 1497736.
  2. Remove (or change the status to obsolete), if there is any other reference business documents created with any of the org units. For example: sales order, purchase order, fixed asset and so on.
  3. Once you confirm that there is no reference, try to delete the org unit from bottom to top approach. i.e., Child Org units should be deleted first then the parent org units.
  4. But you will not be allowed to delete the company.


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