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1681734 - How to Correctly Record the Outgoing Payments Made Outside of SAP Business ByDesign into the System


You make an outgoing bank transfer payment outside of SAP Business ByDesign system, now you want to record it into the system through the following ways:

  1. Create a journal entry voucher to reflect the payment in the system, and deduct the amount from the related bank account. But this journal entry voucher does not appear as the item to be selected when creating a bank statement.
  2. Create an outgoing bank transfer from the Payment Management work center to record this outgoing payment, but the outgoing bank transfer requires a payee and a payee bank, which does not apply to your scenario, because the manual outgoing payment you made does not involve a specific payee.


SAP Business ByDesign

Reproducing the Issue

First of all, follow the steps below to record the outgoing payment by creating a journal entry voucher:

  1. Go to the General Ledger work center, and select the Journal Entries view.
  2. Select the Journal Entry Vouchers subview.
  3. Choose New and then select Journal Entry Voucher.
  4. Enter the necessary information.
  5. In the line items, enter a credit amount to the G/L account related to the bank account XYZ (XYZ means the Bank Account ID), and the same debit amount to a G/L account, for example, an expense account.
  6. Post it.
  7. Then go to the Liquidity Management work center, and select the New Bank Statement under Common Tasks.
  8. In the Bank Account ID field, enter bank account XYZ, and then fill the other mandatory fields.
  9. Navigate to the second step Select Items, you cannot see the journal entry voucher created earlier from the items list.  

Then follow the steps below to create an outgoing bank transfer:

  1. Go to the Payment Management work center, and choose New Outgoing Bank Transfer under Common Tasks.
  2. You could see that Payee and Payee Bank are mandatory fields, which are not applicable in your case.


A journal entry voucher is a transaction that you enter directly in accounting to generate journal entries. It can make adjusting/correcting entries to the G/L accounts, make manual postings on fixed assets, correct or adjust automatic postings etc. But it cannot directly make changes to a bank account. A bank account is different from a G/L account, even if with the same name. So creating a journal entry voucher is by no means the correct way to record the outgoing payments into the system.


To record the outgoing payment in the system without setting the Payee and Payee Bank, and deduct the amount for the bank account XYZ, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, reverse the journal entry voucher posted earlier.
  2. Then go to the Liquidity management work center, create a new bank statement.
  3. In the Enter General Data step, enter the necessary information such as Company and Opening Balance etc.
  4. In the Bank Account ID field, enter XYZ.
  5. Choose Next, and go to the third step Create and Edit Items.
  6. Choose Add Row.
  7. In the Payment Method field, select the appropriate outgoing payment method, for example, Outgoing Bank Transfer or Other Outgoing Payments.
  8. Enter the Debit Amount.
  9. Meanwhile, the Further Processing field is automatically set as Required, which means a Payment Allocation task is created for you to take manual action.
  10. Release the bank statement.
  11. View the bank statement created above, and then go to the Transactions tab.
  12. Select the item you add for the manual outgoing payment, and click Required.
  13. The system opens up the payment allocation.
  14. Go to the Other Allocation tab, and choose Add Row to directly allocate this payment to a G/L account.
  15. Release the payment allocation.

   The payment is now correctly recorded in the system.


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