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1687165 - Error Message Cannot delete supply chain property on org unit XYZ; used in logistics


When you try to activate an Org Unit XYZ, system throws below error message:

Cannot delete supply chain property on org unit XYZ; used in logistics

Operation not possible; perm. estblmt. referenced by material ABC

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Organizational Management work center.
  2. Select Edit Org Structures in Common Tasks.
  3. Activate the Org Unit XYZ or activate the Org Structure.


You attempted to delete an org unit with the function Warehousing assigned to it or you attempted to delete the Warehousing function from an org unit.

However, the inbound logistics unit is referenced from an inbound delivery. For this reason, the system has prevented the deletion.

And the respective Business Residence/Planning Area is assigned to a Material which is active.

So, once an org unit assigned as a site and planning area, it is not possible to delete the org unit.


In principle, it is not possible to delete an org unit which carries certain properties that are referenced from Supply chain Management processes or other master data (Material referencing the Site/SPA, Warehousing Function).

To overcome the issue, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Block the site XYZ:

1. Go to Supply Chain Design Master Data work center.

2. Select Locations view.

3. Highlight the site XYZ and select edit button.

4. Select Change Status button and choose Block.

5. Select Save and Close button.

Note: Once the site is blocked, the respective Planning area assigned to the material will also get blocked.

Step 2: Revert the deleted org unit XYZ.

1. Go to Organizational management work center.

2. Select Edit button.

3. Select Roll Back button to revert to the last valid active version of the org structure.

Note: Please be advised that this also removes all other changes done to any organizational unit since the last activation as indicated by the confirmation pop-up.

Step 3: Delimit the Org unit XYZ.

After Roll Back, you could able to find the org unit XYZ in the Planning Area. Now, delimit the org unit on a future date.

1. Set the Effective From date on a Future date.

2. Highlight the org unit XYZ.

3. Select Edit Org Unit button and choose End Validity. So Org unit XYZ no longer displayed. The end date has been set to a date before the current effective-from date.

Note: If the effective from date is 11/02/2012, then the validity of the org unit end by 10/02/2012.


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