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1690790 - Error Messages : "Cost Centre does not Belong to Segment" or "Cost Centre does not Belong to Profit Centre"


When you create manually a new fixed asset and specify a cost centre assignment type you are not able to save the new fixed asset and the error messages Cost Centre does not Belong to Segment, Cost Centre does not Belong to Profit Centre and warning message Cost Centre <cost_centre_ID> not available for entire period 01/01/YYYY - 31/12/9999.

Reproducing the Issue


The cost centre <cost_centre_ID> has a validity date starting from DD/MM/YYYY different from 01/01/YYYY

  1. Go to the Fixed Assets work centre.
  2. From the Common task area select the New Fixed Asset option.
  3. Enter the mandatory data Fixed Asset Description, Company, Fixed Asset Class. The Assignment Type is Cost Center and you enter a Cost Center as <cost_centre_ID>.
  4. Press the Save button.

The error messages:
Cost Centre does not Belong to Segment
Cost Centre does not Belong to Profit Centre
and the warning message:
Cost Centre <cost_centre_ID> not available for entire period 01/01/YYYY - 31/12/9999
are shown.


The problem is the derivation of segment and profit center from the cost center specified.

If a cost center is entered directly at the create screen, it creates an organizational assignment with this cost center with no time limitation. For deriving a profit center and a segment it uses the earliest point in time where posting is possible, meaning the first day in the first open fiscal year (01/01/YYYY in this case). If the cost center <cost_centre_ID> is not valid for this date no profit center and segment might be derived.


3 options are available to create the new fixed asset manually.

1) Change the Valid from value of the organizational unit <cost_centre_ID> define as cost centre from DD/MM/YYYY to 01/01/YYYY in the organizational structure.

2) Close the fiscal year YYYY and then create the fixed asset asset with the cost centre <cost_centre_ID>. Closing fiscal year YYYY leads to deriving the profit center and segment on 01/01/YYYY+1, date on which the cost centre <cost_centre_ID> is valid for the entire fiscal year.

3) Create a new fixed asset manually without Cost Centre Assignment with all the data except the cost center <cost_centre_ID> and save. Ignore the message. The fixed asset is created with status "in preparation" you can then edit the new fixed asset. Navigate to Master Data view, Basic Data tab and create a new Organizational Assignment Intervals. Press the Add Row button and enter your cost center <cost_centre_ID> with start date later or equal to the start date of the validity of the organizational unit <cost_centre_ID>.

The third possibility is usually preferable.


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