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1705093 - Using InsertPageBreaks API does not result in page breaks when exporting to RTF


  • Exporting to Rich Text Format using the following code:
Dim crReportDocument As New ReportDocument
Dim crExportOptions As New ExportOptions
Dim crDiskFileDestinationOptions As DiskFileDestinationOptions
Dim myExportFormatOptions As EditableRTFExportFormatOptions = ExportOptions.CreateEditableRTFExportFormatOptions()

    ''Set the options for saving the exported file to disk
    crDiskFileDestinationOptions = New DiskFileDestinationOptions()
    ' crDiskFileDestinationOptions.DiskFileName = "C:\Crystal\break64.rtf"
    crDiskFileDestinationOptions.DiskFileName = "C:\Crystal\break32.rtf"
    ''Set the exporting information
    crExportOptions = crReportDocument.ExportOptions
    myExportFormatOptions.UsePageRange = False
    myExportFormatOptions.InsertPageBreaks = True
    With crExportOptions
         .ExportFormatOptions = myExportFormatOptions
         .DestinationOptions = crDiskFileDestinationOptions
         .ExportDestinationType = ExportDestinationType.DiskFile
         .ExportFormatType = ExportFormatType.EditableRTF
    End With
    ''Export the report
  • Application compiled as 32 bit inserts page breaks as expected
  • Application compiled as 64 bit does not insert page breaks


  • Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010
  • Visual Studio 2010


  • The issue has been escalated for a fix
  • Reference number; ADAPT01628595


  • Suggested work-around:

In the Crystal Reports designer, under the File Menu -> Export -> Report Export Options, select "Microsoft Word (97-2003) - Editable" and press "OK". Enable the "Insert page break after each report page" option and save the report.



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