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1705762 - Changes Made in the Financial Structure Is Not Reflected in the Financial Statement Report


In the Business configuration work center, you choose a financial structure whose Financial Reporting Structure is I/S by Function of Expense and edit it by adding a Functional Area to the structure. But you cannot see the newly added functional area on the Financial Statement report. Also, more value is posted to the 9900-Not assigned functional area (P/L accts) than expected.


Reproducing the Issue

  1. First of all, you edit the financial structure:
    1. Go to the Business Configuration work center and choose the Implementation Projects view.
    2. Select the project in question, and choose Open Activity List.
    3. Navigate to the Fine-Tune step.
    4. Open the Charts of Accounts, Financial Reporting Structures, Account Determination activity.
    5. Choose Edit financial reporting structures.
    6. From the Available Financial Reporting Structures table, choose ZXYZ, whose Financial Reporting Structure is I/S by Function of Expense.
    7. Choose Edit Structure.
    8. Add one function area XXX to the structure.
    9. In the meantime, you also go to the fine-tune activity of Settings for Income Statements by Functions of Expense and Earned Profit Analysis.
    10. Choose Edit the function area determination.
    11. Choose the Accounting Principle.
    12. Then, in the Determination Using General Ledger Accounts tab, assign the Functional Area XXX to a G/L Account.
  2. Then, you go to check the Financial Statement report.
    1. Go to the General Ledger work center, and choose the Reports view.
    2. Select the Financial Statement report.
    3. View the report.
    4. In the Variables screen, choose ZXYZ as the Financial Structure.
    5. Choose Ok.
    6. In the result list, expand the structure.

You cannot see the newly added function area on the structure. Also more value is posted to the 9900-Not assigned functional area (P/L accts) than expected.



After the structure is changed, no postings are made to the G/L account that is assigned to functional area ZXYZ, so the functional area is not reflected on the Financial Statement report. Meanwhile, the system does not automatically reallocate the historical data according to the new functional area assignment, which is why you still see them in the 9900-Not assigned functional area (P/L accts).



In order to have the data correctly reflected in the Financial Statement report according to the functional area assignment, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the General Ledger work center, and create a new Journal Entry Voucher.
  2. In the new Journal Entry Voucher, maintain the necessary information, and add a row.
  3. If there is debit balance on the concerned account, then in this new row, enter the exact same debit amount for this account, the system automatically derives the latest functional area assignment for this line item. 
  4. Add another row to have a credit posting for the same account and amount.
  5. For the credit line item, check Change Functional Area, and select the old Functional Area assignment of the account in order to balance the previous debit posting with the old functional area assignment. If there is no functional area assignment before, then you need to leave Functional Area blank here.
  6. Choose Post 

The balance on the account is then the same as before but with the correct Functional Area.


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