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1715634 - Inconsistent Quantity in Sales Order and Outbound Delivery


Quantity is inconsistent in sales order and outbound delivery.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales Orders work center.
  2. Go to the Sales Orders view.
  3. Show All Sales Orders and Find ABC (ABC represents the ID of the sales order).
  4. Select the View All button and go to the Items tab.
  5. You find the Quantity in sales order ABC is XXX (XXX represents value of the quantity).
  6. Go to the Outbound Logistics work center.
  7. Go to the Delivery Control view
  8. Select the Delivery Proposals subview.
  9. Search for ABC (ABC represents the ID of the sales order).
  10. Open the delivery proposal.
  11. Select the View All extension under Schedule Line.
  12. You find the Quantity of in Outbound Delivery Request is YYY which is inconsistent with quantity in sales order (YYY represents the quantity in outbound delivery request).


  1. In the Sales Order ABC one Line Item out of two is still not confirmed,and the amount of this unconfirmed Line Item causes difference in Sales Order ABC and Outbound Request EFG  
  2. For Product HMG the planning area Availability Check Scope is maintained as Stock. This means that the confirmation is only given for the amount of available stock. If the total stock is not present when the ATP check was done then the remaining amount is not confirmed.
  3. Since this is old Sales Order XYZ at that time the amount of available stock could be only XXX. Hence out of the requested YYY only XXX was confirmed and the rest was not confirmed.


Follow the steps below to get the rest of the amount confirmed:

  1. Go to the Outbound Logistics Control work center.
  2. Go to the Customer Demand view.
  3. Find ABC (ABC represents ID of the sales order).
  4. Edit ABC and select the View All button.
  5. Execute Action Check Availability.


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