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1723620 - Universe field formatting not reflected in Crystal Reports for Enterprise


  • Incorrect formatting.
  • Format set for an object in a Universe, is not propagated to the report.
  • Universe Field Formatting ignored in Crystal Reports for Enterprise, but works in Web Intelligence.
  • Custom field formatting set in a Universe using the Information Design Tool (IDT), is not reflected on the report in Crystal Reports for Enterprise.



  • SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.0
  • SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.1
  • SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.2 

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a Universe in the Information Design Tool (IDT)
  2. In the Buisness Layer, right click on a numeric field, and select "Edit Display Format - Numeric - Custom Format"
  3. Set the desired custom format, for exmaple, to display 4 decimals.
  4. Saved and publish the Univer to the SAP BusinessObjects Repository. 
  5. In Crystal Reports for Enterprise, create a report off the Universe and add the field that have a custom format to the report.
  6. Notice the custom format is not reflected for the field. In this example, it display 2 decimals, instead of 4 decimals.
  7. In Webi, create a document off the same Universe, and insert the same field, and notice the field is formatted according to how it is defined in the Universe.


  • This behavior is by design. Universe Field Formatting is not supported in Crystal Reports for Enterprise, and this is why it does not display the field in the format specified in the Universe.


  • Formatting of fields in Crystal Reports for Enterprise can be performed manually on the report.
    For example, to format a numeric field on the report:
    1. In the structure view of the report, right click on the field and select "Format Result Object Element..."
    2. In the window that appear, in the left pane, select "Format - Number"
    3. On the right side, select the desired formatting for the field.
    4. Click "Close"      


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