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1725985 - While Creating a New Manual Invoice for an Account Error Occurs 'Address missing for the party Account ID'


While creating a new manual invoice for an account error occurs Address missing for the party Account ID.
The account is also an employee and you are also not able to enter the address manually for the account as the fields are grayed out.

Reproducing the Issue

Follow the steps below to reproduce the issue:

  1. Go to the Customer Invoicing workcenter.
  2. Select New Manual Invoice under Common Tasks.
  3. Enter the Account ID ABC (ABC represents the ID of the account).
  4. Error occurs : Address missing for party Account ID ABC.

Follow the steps below to check the address fields in the account ABC:

  1. Go to the Business Partner Data workcenter.
  2. Go to the Business Partners view.
  3. Choose Show Active Business Partner and Find ABC.
  4. Edit the account and select View All button.
  5. Go to the Addresses tab.
  6. The fields for the address are empty and non editable.


The customer account ABC has no address. The only address available in the system is the employee workplace address. This is used in certain
scenarios like (in house ordering) for shipping and billing. Therefore this address might be used in these roles.

For an employee used as a real customer, an account address is also needed. The private employee address is forbidden to be used in these cases due to data protection.


  1. Go to Business Partner Data work center.
  2. Go to the Business Partners view.
  3. Search business partner ABC (ABC represents the ID of the business partner).
  4. Select the business partner ABC, go down in the screen in the section Business Partner Roles -> select and open the Account.
  5. Select the View All button.
  6. In the Communication tab select the subtab Addresses.
  7. Select the Add Row button.
  8. Initially the Addresses tab would be non-editable.
  9. Go down under Address and select the country from the dropdown e.g. DE.
  10. Now the country will be filled to the newly added row.
  11. Select the Bill-to or Ship-to party as per your requirement
  12. Set the main flag for the newely added address.
  13. Save the new address.
  14. Now try to create a manual invoice for this business partner ABC, the address should appear in the invoice.


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