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1732332 - The Tasks Created for the Lead Handover Remains Unassigned Although the Responsible Sales Person is Assigned to the Lead


The tasks created for the lead handover remains unassigned although the responsible sales person is assigned to the lead.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Application and User Management workcenter.
  2. Go to the Business Task Management view.
  3. Show Unassigned Items.
  4. select item ABC (ABC represents the unassigned task).
  5. Select and open the application log XXX (XXX represents the application log number).
  6. Go to the General tab of the Application Log.
  7. Error message displayed: Business task is inconsistent - no valid responsible person/organization.


For the responsible employee maintained in the handed over leads no email ID has been maintained.
It is mandatory to have email ID for the responsible sales person for getting the approval tasks.

Follow the steps below to check if the email ID is maintained for the responsible sales person:

  1. Go to the Marketing workcenter.
  2. Go to the Leads view.
  3. Show All Leads and Find XYZ (XYZ represents the ID of the lead).
  4. Open the lead XYZ.
  5. No email ID is maintained for the sales employee under the field Employee Responsible - Sales.


Follow the steps below to maintain email ID of the sales employee to avoid this issue in future:

  1. Go to the Business Partner Data Work Center.
  2. Go to the Business Partner view
  3. Show All Active Business Partners and Find DEF (DEF represents the ID of the employee).
  4. Edit the Business Partner and Select the Link Employee.
  5. Edit the employee.
  6. Maintain a valid email ID for the employee.

Follow the steps below for assigning the un-assigned tasks manually to the sales employee:

  1. Go to the Application and User Management work center.
  2. Go to the Task Distribution view.
  3. Select the Business Task Management subview.
  4. Show All Unassigned Tasks and Find the task ABC (ABC represents the task ID).
  5. Select the task ABC.
  6. Choose Actions button and select the Assign Item.
  7. Search the responsible employee in value help.
  8. Select the responsible employee DEF and choose Ok. (DEF represents the ID of the responsible employee).


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