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1733818 - How to create multilingual reports in Crystal Reports?


  • How to create a report that will "translate" string values in different languages?
  • Does Crystal Reports have a feature to translate reports in multiple languages?
  • How to design a report in Crystal Reports to display the information in different languages, depending on the user preferred language?


  • SAP Crystal Reports 2013
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2016
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2020


  • Crystal Reports does not have feature to translate reports in multiple languages, but it is possible to:
    • Create multiple copies of the report, one for each language; or
    • Create one report where each section are duplicated, one for each language, and then conditonnaly display the section corresponding to the language selected in the preferred viewing locale using the function: contentLocale; or
    • Create one report, in which all the static text, like the column headers, report title,... are replaced by formulas that use a Custom Function in which the text is translated in different language based on the preferred viewing locale selected by the user, by using the function: contentLocale. 

      For example, if we create a Custom Function to translate the text in different languages called: Translate, like:

           Function (StringVar MyText, StringVar MyLanguage)

           If MyLanguage = "en_US" Then
               Select MyText
                   Case "Product"  : "Product"
                   Case "Country" : "Country"
                   Case "Sales"     : "Sales"
                   Default : "Need Translation"
           Else If MyLanguage = "ja_JP" Then
                Select MyText
                    Case "Product" : "製品"
                    Case "Country" : "国"
                    Case "Sales"     : "販売"
                    Default : "Need Translation"
                 "Need translation"

      Then for each text on the report, create a formula like:

           Translate("Product", contentlocale)

      And insert the formula on the report to replace the text header, or report title, ...


  • Convert your report from Crystal Reports to Crystal Reports for Enterprise, and use the Translation Management Tool to translate the report metadata.
    For more information see the Translation Management Tool User Guide 


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