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1744388 - Use of Outgoing Check Form Template Variations for Canada


The pre-delivered template for printing outgoing checks must be modified to reflect bank specific requirement for Canada.


In Canada, outgoing check template delivered as a standard does not meet the requirements for all the banks. Depending on the bank the customers bank with (has account with) the check layout may vary. The main difference in layout compared to the standard one is the position of the check within the layout.


Update the existing form template for outgoing checks for Canada to suit your requirement as follows.

  1. Go to the Application and User Management work center and choose Form Template Maintenance.
  2. From the Template Group menu, select Outgoing Check and click Go. Note: To access the Template Group menu field, click Advanced to access the advanced search options.
  3. Create a form template either by copying an existing template or replacing the existing template. The steps for both are explained below.

      Option 1 : Copy a form template that already exists for an outgoing check for Canada.

              i. Select the required outgoing check (with country Canada specified) form template and choose Copy->As New Template.

             ii. Enter a name and description for the new template. Also, in the Country and Language fields, verify that the country and language specified are correct. The new form template is created and is visible in the worklist of Form Template Maintenance screen.

             iii. When you create a copy of an existing template, there are now two templates for the same function, therefore, you must define a usage rule in order to be able to use the new template. In the Application and User Management work center, select Form Template Selection.

             iv. In the Show Rules For field, select Outgoing Check and click Go. Any existing rule will be displayed. You can create a new rule by clicking New.

             v. In the Create Form Template Rule screen, enter the template name you specified for your new template in the Form Template Code field.

            vi. Under Parameter Settings, enter the parameters for using the template, for example, Bank Account ID, House Bank ID etc. Outgoing checks created for the respective bank account, bank, company can then use this template.

           vii. Save your changes.

            Since you have created a new template from the standard template, you need to assign the correct form template to the newly created one. You can do this by following the steps mentioned in Option 2 below.

        Option 2: Override the existing standard template with a template of your own.

              i. To update an existing form template, select the required form template and choose Upload-> To Replace Existing Variant.

             ii. In the Replace Existing Variant dialog box, go to the File field, and click Browse.

            iii. Select the form template (.xdp) file. All the form template (*.xdp files) variations along with Langauage that is applicable for Canada is provided as an attachment to this case document. Select your required form template file and click Open to download.

            iv. Click OK.

             v. The new form template is created and is visible in your worklist in the Form Template Maintenance screen. To publish the newly created template, click Publish.

           All outgoing check created for Canada will use the new form template layout specified and also as per the rules specified if any.


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