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1754753 - Limitations of BEx Analyzer 7x


In this KBA note you find information about known limitations of BEx Analyzer 7x. Please understand the topics as restrictions, not as an error in BEx Application. This is how the BEx Analyzer 7x was designed.


  1. The variable name is not displayed completely in variable screen.
  2. Not all filter values are shown in Filter Item / Navigation Pane.
  3. Workbooks with virtual queries can not be transported.
  4. Call of context menu using keyboard does not show option 'Additional Actions'.
  5. Context menu entry 'All Characteristics" not available.
  6. Some features of Local Calculations are not available
  7. Only a small number for functions are available for definition of Local Formulas
  8. Workbook format/extension cannot be changed keeping the Workbook ID
  9. Prevent overwriting Excel cells is not available
  10. Characteristic Values are shown as Text
  11. Hierarchy property "values of posted nodes" not available
  12. Selector does not show Attributes if Characteristic Hierarchy is used

1- The variable name is not displayed completely in variable screen.

The variable screen in BEx Analyzer 7x is designed in a way that the variable names are restricted to a particular length. So it can happens that a long variable name is not displayed completely like in following screenshot shown:


To see the complete variable name please make a mouse rollover over the variable. This action shows as a tooltip which displays the complete variable name:


This is how the dialog was designed from the first release of our product.


2 - Not all filter values are shown in Filter Item / Navigation Pane.

If multiple selections are done for a characteristic it can happens that not all filter values are shown. The filter values are displayed in one cell as a text string. Please note that this string has a maximal length of 100 characters. If the string is longer then it is cut and "..." is added at the end. This maximal length cannot be increased. Please see following example:



3 - Workbooks with virtual queries can not be transported.

In BEx Analyzer you can use Info-Provider as Data Provider. Achieved is that by using the virtual query !INFOCUBE. Virtual queries are not real query objects and therefore they can not be collected for transports. If you want to transport a workbook you need to make sure that no virtual queries are used in the workbook.

Workaround: Create a real query in BEx Query Designer. Put all keyfigures into the Columns and all chatacteristics into Free Characteristics. Use this query as Data Provider in your workbook. 

Please have a look at note 1410268 Query object IP/!IP is not available for transport.


4 - Call of context menu using keyboard does not show option 'Additional Actions'.

The Excel sheet context menu can by called via right mouse click or keyboard short cut 'SHIFT + F10'.
The option 'Additional Actions' is only displayed if the context menu was called via right mouse click.
This limitation is a Microsoft Excel issue.

5 - Context menu entry 'All Characteristics" not available.

  • In BEx Analyzer 3x context menu there was the entry 'All Characteristics' for applying characteristic properties to all in Data Provider used characteristics:
  • In new BEx Analyzer 7x the functionality has ben extended to individual characteristic, so the context menu option 'All Characteristics' is not available anymore:
  • As workaround for context menu entry "All Characteristics > Suppress Result Rows" you can create an individual button in the workbook with command SET_SUPPRESSION to suppress the result rows for all characteristics of one Data Provider:

6 - Some features of Local Calculation are not available

  • Following table shows you which Local Calculation features are available in BEx Query Designer / BEx Analyzer 7x compared to JAVA WEB.
  • You will find some functions which are only available in JAVA WEB. The BEx Query Designer / BEx Analyzer supports only some of these functions. 
  • Please review the online documentation: Local Calculations


Local Calculation BEx Query Designer BEx Analyzer JAVA WEB
Calculate Results As calc_result_BExQD.PNG calc_result_bex7x.PNG calc_result_java.PNG
Calculate Single Values As calc_single_BExQD.PNG calc_single_bex7x.PNG calc_single_java.PNG


7 - Only a small number for functions are available for definition of Local Formulas

Following screenshot shows which functions for definition of a Local Formula can be used in BEx Analyzer:



In JAVA WEB much more functions are available:

    • Data Functions
      NODIM (Value Without Dimension (No Unit))
      DATE (Process Value as Date)
      TIME (Process Value as Time)
      NOERR (NOERR(x): Equals 0 for Undefined Calcuations; Otherwise x)
      NDIV0 (NDIV0(x): Equals 0 when Divided by 0; Otherwise x)
    • Boolean Operators
      AND (Logical AND)
      OR (Logical OR)
      XOR (Logical EXCLUSIVE OR)
      NOT (Logical NOT)
      LEAF (Returns 1 for Single Values, 0 for Aggregated Values)
    • Percentage Functions
      % (Percentage Deviation)
      %_A (Percentage Share)
    • Mathematical Functions
      EXP (Power Function)
      LOG (Logarithm)
      MOD (Remainder from Integer Division)
      SQRT (Root)
      LOG10 (Logarithm to the Base of 10)
      ABS (Absolute Value)
      CEIL (Smallest Integer Value That Is Greater Than Operand)
      DIV (Integer Division)
      FLOOR (Largest Integer Value That Is Less Than Operand)
      FRAC (Decimal Part of Operand)
      MAX (Maximum)
      MAX0 ()
      MIN (Minimum)
      MIN0 ()
      TRUNC (Integer Value of Operand)
      ** (To the Power)
    • Trigonometric Functions
      SIN (Sine)
      COS (Cosine)
      TAN (Tangent)
      ASIN (Arcsine)
      ACOS (Arc Cosine)
      ATAN (Arctangent)
      SINH (Hyperbolic Sine)
      COSH (Hyperbolic Cosine)
      TANH (Hyperbolic Tangent)


This limitation is due to different technologies on which BEx Analyzer and JAVA WEB based on.

8 - Workbook format/extension cannot be changed keeping the Workbook ID


Changing the format(extension) of a workbook and keeping the workbook ID is not possible. You can only change the format by saving it as a new workbook.
The technical ID of the workbook (the workbook ID) is assigned automatically and it is a random eltuid. Once created, this eltuid is unique and can't be assigned to another workbook.
If you want to change the format of a workbook you have to create a new workbook. You can't just change the existing one.

Please find the following steps to change the format/extension of an existing workbook:

  • Start the BEx Analyzer.
  • Open the workbook.
  • Use the Excel 'Save As' option to save the workbook locally in new format.
  • Close the workbook.
  • Open the locally saved workbook.
  • Use the BEx 'Save Workbook' or 'Save Workbook As' option to save it as a new workbook in backend.
  • Review wikipage 'Find the Workbook ID' to get information about identification of the new workbook ID.

9 - Prevent overwriting Excel cells is not available

In case you create a BEx item, or the size/position of a BEx item is changed then the BEx Analyzer does check for already existing Excel cell content: These Excel cells will be overwritten.

10 - Characteristic Values are shown as Text

Independent from data type of characteristic, the cells of characteristic values (key and text) are always formatted as text. Only the data type of a key figure is taken into account, the cell is formatted appropriately.

11 - Hierarchy property "values of posted nodes" not available

The BEx Analyzer 7x is based on a different and complex architecture compared to BEx Analyzer 3x. An implementation of this BEx Analyzer 3x functionality would lead to a change of query definition while runtime with the result that a new object model would be necessary. Due to this complexity this functionality was not developed for BEx Analyzer 7x.

This property needs to be set in BEx Query Designer.

12 - Selector does not show Attributes if Characteristic Hierarchy is used

If a Characteristic Hierarchy is active/displayed then the BEx Analyzer Selector does not display the Attributes of the Characteristic. In JAVA WEB it is possible.





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