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1781087 - Is it Possible to Upload a Same Materials Using Different Language Excel Templates?


Your company uses two languages and when you try to upload the material template it creates the material only in one language (the language which the template was downloaded), after that you can use those material only in that language. So you would like to know, How to maintain Material in two languages.

When you try to do the same, Excel throws below error message:

Material ABC is already exist


When you upload materials into your system using a particular Template (Language 1) then it is possible to update those materials only using that Template (Language 1). If you try to update those materials using some other language templates, system will not allow you to update. This is actual system behavior.

Once, you upload a material into system those material will be available in the system inspite of logon language.

Option 1:

But for any material, Material Description and Detailed Description depends on Logon Language. So, if you uploaded material into the system (Language 2) then you can maintain the Description in Language 1 as follows:

1. Login into the system in Language 2.
2. Go to Product Data work center.
3. Search and Edit the Material.
4. Select View All button.
5. Go to Other Languages tab under General tab.

Where you can select the language as Language 1 and update the material description. So when you login into the system with Language 1 you can find the material description in Language 1.

Option 2:

You can directly use the activity Migration of Material to migrate the materials in two different languages. But you can differentiate it by maintaining different language for Material Description and Detailed Description.

You can use the Migration of Material activity in the Integrate and Extend phase of Implementation Projects to upload material with different language for Material description and Detailed Description.

1. Download the Migration template for Materials.
2. In General sheet, you can maintain the details of the Material. Under section Description you can maintain description in one Language.
3. Go to Other Languages sheet, Here you can maintain the Description in another Language for the same material.
4. For Detailed Description of material, go to Detailed descriptions sheet. For a particular material, if you have detailed description in two different language. Then, in the first row enter the Material ID, Language1 and Detailed Description. In the second row, enter the same Material ID, language 2 and Detailed Description.


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