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1782007 - SAP Lumira desktop: How to trace the application using native BO_Trace.ini logs


  • When performing a workflow inside SAP Lumira Desktop, the application errors during a navigation step.


  • SAP Lumira Desktop (any SP)


Reproducing the Issue

  • Reproduction steps will be specific to the use-case and workflow
  • This could be when Acquiring, Enriching, Visualizing or Sharing a dataset or visualization.


  • To be investigated using trace steps
  • However, if issues are related to reading from or publishing to HANA, please consult KBA 1772714 - SAP Visual Intelligence: How-to setup an APPLICATIONUSER Session Variable for tracing VI errors when working with Online HANA Exploration Views


  1. Close the SAP Lumira Desktop.
  2. Locate the file BO_Trace.ini under path: C:\Program Files\SAP Lumira\Desktop
  3. Create a backup of this file. You can revert to disable the tracing more easily.
  4. Run Notepad as Administrator and open the above file.
  5. Comment out the top line by putting // in front of it.

    This will change [from_subunit("") || from_subunit("")] 

    so it looks like this //[from_subunit("") || from_subunit("")]

  6. Change the level of logging by changing this:

     // TraceLog importance level.
     // Default value: m
     // Possible values: xs, x, m, l, xl, '<<', '<=', '==', '>=', '>>'
     importance = m;

    To this:

     // TraceLog importance level.
     // Default value: m
     // Possible values: xs, x, m, l, xl, '<<', '<=', '==', '>=', '>>'
     //importance = xs;
     log_level = high;

  7. Optionally you can change the default logging folder to make the logs easier to find by commenting out log_dir = getenv("TMP") + "/sapvi/logs"; to a logging directory of your choice. For example you could change it to:

     //log_dir = getenv("TMP") + "/sapvi/logs";
     log_dir = "c:/logs";

  8. Restart the application

  9. Reproduce the problem workflow leading to error

  10. Locate the log file under path you specified or if left to be default: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp\sapvi\logs  (on Windows XP logs will be located: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Temp\sapvi\logs)

  11. Search for log entries prefixed with |E|

 To disable the trace, please remember to amend the BO_Trace.ini line: active = false;

See Also

Other useful Application file locations:

  • Installation logs:-     C:\Program Files\SAP Visual Intelligence\InstallData\logs
  • License Key location:-     C:\Users\Public\sapvi
  • VI startup properties:-     C:\Program Files\SAP Visual Intelligence\Desktop\SAPVisualIntelligence.ini (Depending on version, this may be SAPLumira.ini)
  • DB logs:-     C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\SAP\SAP Visual Intelligence
  • Navteq Geo temp files:-     C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp\sapvi\sapvi.geo


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SAP Lumira, desktop edition 1.0