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1806279 - Error Message: 'Posting date must be after or the same as' in a Payment Allocation


Upon posting a payment allocation including the allocation type Payment Assignment you retrieve the error message:
Posting date must be after or the same as


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Reproducing the Issue

In case you are processing a bank statement and want to assign payments in the resulting payment allocation
you can either access the relevant payment allocation via:

  1. Work Center: Payment Management.
  2. Navigate to the View: Payment Allocations.
  3. Select and Edit the relevant payment allocation.

- or via the posted bank statement.

  1. Work Center: Liquidity Management.
  2. View: Bank Statements.
  3. Navigate to the relevant bank statement and Edit.
  4. Follow the link Postprocessing required to access the relevant payment allocation.


  1. In the Payment Allocation choose View All.
  2. Under tab Payment Assignment you choose the relevant payment(s) represented in the bank statement and drag them into the allocation grid.
  3. Immediately the error message shows and the field Posting Date is highlighted.


At least one of the involved transactions has a posting date later than the default payment allocation date, which reflects the bank statement date.

It is a definition that the posting date of the payment allocation cannot be earlier than the date of any of the involved transactions.


Check the effective posting date of the involved assigned payment(s) and adjust the posting date of the payment allocation to a date which at its earliest reflects the posting date of the latest assigned payment. For that, you will have first to reverse the Payment Allocation to edit the Posting Date for the transaction.

To reverse Payment Allocation:

  1. Go to the Payment Management work center.
  2. Go to the Payment Allocation view.
  3. Open the posted payment allocation you want to reverse.
  4. Click Reverse.

After reversing it, you will be able to adjust the posting date.

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