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1810794 - Error Message:Production Model for Product ID on Date for Quantity not Found


You are trying to run MRP or manually create a New Planning proposal for a product and planning area combination, when you receive the error message: Production model for Product ID XYZ on Date DD.MM.YYYY for Quantity X not found.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Supply Planning work center.
  2. Select Products view.
  3. On products, filter for product ID XYZ (XYZ represents the Product ID).
  4. Choose Open.
  5. On the Product Planning Details screen you use Run Planning Button, Single or Multi-Level BoM, or choose on New Planning Proposal button.
  6. Receive Error Message: Production Model for Product ID on Date for Quantity not found*

*When using new planning proposal button, the error will appear after you enter Quantity and Date.


You are trying to create the production proposal for the current date. System will do backward scheduling and calculate the start date. You need to make sure that this start date falls before the validity date of Release Planning Model (RPM). Let's say that, in the Release Planning Model, the production duration for each item is set to 1 min.

If you create proposal for say 1000 Items, the system will try to set the start date depending on the time it takes to create all the items : 1000 mins which corresponds to about 2 days based on site calendar. Therefore the start date will be the 2 days before the current date.

Since RPM validity starts from current date, you are getting the error message.


  1. Go to the Planning and Production Master Data work center.
  2. Select the Production Model view.
  3. Search for the relevant production model.
  4. Select the searched model and choose Edit button.
  5. In the production model screen, go to the General tab.
  6. Here change the Valid From date for a day in the past which complies with the quantity time of production.
  7. Choose Release Production Model drop down and then select For Planning and Execution.


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